Callum Nash


Copyright 2016

One Line

2011, fine art

Ink on Board.

This is the refined expression of a style I began developing back in 2008, with ‘Cube – Time Displaced’ that started out life as part of one of my sketchbooks. I would like to think that this piece exists as both a static image and as an animation (with a little help from your brain.)

You see, the cuboid section that forms the ring is entirely unbroken and is one line. If you follow this line with your eye, it takes about 2 minutes to come across the same point, forming a ‘visual rollercoaster.’

Music exists purely as a time art, it begins in one point of time and ends at a later point. And if you are not there at  the time in which the music is being produced, you cannot experience it. Painting and sculpture are the opposite, they exist in space but not in time, you can only experience ‘static’ art if you are in the same point in space as it. What I wanted to do with this piece (and others) is create art that exists both in space and in time.

When you follow the lines with your eye your experience of it is linear, one part of the image follows another, (like one moment passing another.) and you don’t see the whole peice at the same time as when you look at it normally. Therefore I aimed for this image to be an expression or fragment of non­linear, coexistent time, in which the past and future can both exist simultaneously.