Callum Nash


Copyright 2016

Cube (Time Displaced)

2008, fine art, Papyrus Sketchbook

Ink on hand-made paper.

This was actually the first expression of the three dimensional structure which eventually led to ‘One Line’ four years later. This piece was drawn sitting on a train platform in Wolverton in Northamptonshire in a Papyrus sketchbook. At that time I was living a somewhat nomadic life, with weekends than seemed to last for months living out of a backpack and weeks that seemed to pass in a few hours working at a design consultancy near Milton Keynes. This form started out as a doodle and then I continually worked further and further into the piece, the paper seemed at the time to have an infinite, fractal depth.

Like ‘One Line’ this piece too can be explored three dimensionally by tracing the journey of the line your eyes, however, it is much more challenging with this piece asĀ  the style was still being developed. I enjoyed imagining myself stood on one of the rises along the road, looking across the whole structure, which is somehow too big for the mind to hold at one time, yet small enough to fit on a piece of paper.