Callum Nash


Copyright 2016

Cardboard Cyborg

2013, commercial

Ink on paper.

Piece created for the Cardboard Cyborg community robot disco event held in Scarborough once per month. It’s very difficult to sum up this event in words let alone an image, but I tried my hardest! Extra points for spotting Dying Optimus Prime’s shin synth being played by a Toblerone Wall-E… and Nicholas Cage. I really went to town on the detail on this one (even for me) in order to cram as much onto an a4 piece as possible. The sound wave at the top should actually create the sound of someone saying ‘cardboard cyborg’ in an yorkshire accent.

If you print this out on a4 you will have it at very close to original size. Feel free to colour it in, as apparently that’s stress relief, although I’d prefer it if you replicated the entire image using vegetables.

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