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WARNING – you are now entering the section of the website for divergent works of writing that may or may not have any relevance to your experience of reality. I separate these from the front page because these writings are not meant for a general audience but are specific to certain interests of mine that inform my work but do not directly relate to the art specifically.

I write in a kind of subjective short hand, in an effort to save us both time and to make the writing more entertaining, descriptive, and thought provoking. As a result of this however, you need to read these articles in a collaborative fashion, so that—like a code—you are using the words to build an image in your mind, rather than reading it as an ‘attack’ or as a fact-checking expedition. For example, a few years ago, I used to use the term ‘neural interface’ to refer to a product which seeks to deliver ideas that unfold in your mind, whilst I could have used ‘art’ or ‘information’ that would prevent one from seeing that the latter share in common their interfacing function with human consciousness, which is what I wanted to talk about. However, the problem is that this also makes it open to intepretation, and critisism, and I welcome it, so by all means get in touch personally or leave a comment with your thoughts 🙂

Am in the process of archiving old writings from several old devices going way back to 2009! Keep you’re eyes peeled if you enjoy this special blend of madness!


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  • Date 18 January 2016
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Unfolding from a 1m area to the size of a large motorhome, this portable house provides electric, water and heating, as well as waste disposal and a shower. Who: My name is Callum Nash, I am a designer and inventor based in the UK. I have previously won awards for...